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Special Events
September 14, 15, 16
Special Event
Three Performances Only
"A pioneering work
and a powerful
stage event
Time Magazine
"Nothing short of stunning.
Not to be missed.
- John Simon
New York Magazine
Not since Angels in America
has a play attempted so much:
Nothing less than an
examination of the American
psyche at the end
of the millennium.
- Mike Kuchwara AP
On October 7, 1998, a young gay man was
discovered bound to a fence in the hills outside
Laramie, Wyoming, savagely beaten and left to die in
an act of brutality and hate that shocked the nation.
Matthew Shephard's death became a national symbol
of intolerance, but for the people of Laramie the event
was deeply personal, and it is their voices we hear in
this stunningly effective theater piece.

Moises Kaufman and fellow members of the Tectonic
Theater Project made six trips to Laramie over the
course of a year and a half in the aftermath of the
beating and conducted more than 200 hundred
interviews with people from the town. From these
interviews as well as their own experiences, Kaufman
and the Tectonic Theater members have constructed
a deeply moving theatrical experience.
The Laramie
chronicles the life of the town of Laramie in
the year after the murder, using a small company of
actors to embody more than sixty different people in
their own words - from rural ranchers to university
professors. The result is a complex portrayal that
dispels the simplistic media stereotypes and explores
the depths to which humanity can sink and the
heights of compassion of which we are capable.

Friday 7:00 PM
Saturday 7:00
Sunday 3:00