City of Radcliff and HCP Present

Shakespeare Festival 2019

Where: Radcliff City Park, City Park Drive, Radcliff, KY 40160

When: Saturday, June 22, 2019 and Sunday, June 23, 2019 from 3 p.m. to 7
p.m. Both Days

What: A Shakespeare Festival featuring food vendors, craft vendors, and live
performances culminating with a 7 p.m. performance of
A Midsummer
Night's Dream
directed by Shameca Freeman.

Cost: $5 Per Person! Cash only at the gate.  TicketLeap tickets can be
purchased, but proof of purchase must be shown at gate.

Vendors: Apply
                              The Cast of A Midsummer Night's Dream

Theseus, Duke of Athens                 Jay Hockenberry
Egeus                                                Lindsay Graham
Lysander                                           Austin Hale
Demetrius                                         Brandon Bost
Philostrate                                         Leroy McDaniels
Quince /Prologue                              Nathaniel Jones
Bottom                                              Malik Walker
Flute/Thisbe                                      Veronica Liles
Snout/Wall                                        Elijah Davis
Snug/Lion                                          Thomas Hendren
Starveling/Moonshine                        Kristen Hendr
Hippolyta                                           Blayne Wittenback
Hermia                                               Lucy Sonsalla
Helena                                               Alexandra Whitman
Oberon                                              J. Patrick Alred
Titania                                               Mackenzie Heuer-Hendren
Puck                                                  Brandon Spooner
Peaseblossom                                    Rylee Eikenberry
Cobweb                                             Hope Graham
Moth                                                  Hayden Graham
Mustardseed                                      Abby Liles
Fairy                                                  Jenny Simmons
Fairy                                                  Chloe Patterson
Fairy/Changeling                               Andre (AJ) Brown
Baby Fairies                                      Olivia Freeman, Max Jones, Michael Jones