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Despite continued artistic successes,
HCP struggles financially to remain in existence.

Hardin County Playhouse is a community theater located in the
Historic State Theater complex. We begin our 44th Season in August!
Our goal is to provide exciting, engaging theatrical opportunities
and to facilitate community discussion of our biggest challenges - financial,
social, and ethical.  In recent years, the Playhouse has
received numerous awards and accolades including the
top honors at the Kentucky State Theater festival three times over!
We have seen our audiences grow and grow. People love live theater!

Our performances are attended not only by patrons from Elizabethtown
but also the surrounding areas, including Bardstown and Louisville.
Audiences include local government and community business leaders,
parents and children alike. We offer affordable entertainment
and artistic opportunities for all.

But the sad fact is this: Even with full houses we cannot
survive on ticket sales alone. We need your help!
Every amount of sponsorship is greatly appreciated – and,
of course, you will have the satisfaction of being an
integral part of keeping the arts alive for our local community!

We know that these difficult economic times have brought hardship to all.
And, often, in times such as this, the arts are often the first thing
to fall by the wayside. You can help us keep that from happening!
Art fosters creativity, understanding and new ideas –
theater, in particular, has a profoundly positive influence
on our community and our world.
Without the arts, without culture,
then what is the point of the struggle?

Our patrons look for ways to support the arts - and HCP especially.
Your sponsorship (and your NAME) will be seen, appreciated
and remembered when our audiences return to their lives.

Humanity NEEDS the arts - each and every one of us.
We hope that you will consider becoming a Sponsor of HCP and,
in so doing, all the benefits it brings to your business and our community.

Thank you for your time, consideration and support!
How You Can Help!

- Become a Subscriber

- Donate (100% tax deductible)

- Sponsor an Ad in our Program

- Sponsor a Chair Plaque
Special Thanks          up to $99
Bronze                    $100 - $249
Silver                       $250 - $499
Gold                        $500 - $999
Platinum                  $1000+