HCP's Venue Crisis
Plum Alley Theater
(located in the Historic
State Theater complex)
209 West Dixie Ave.
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
The Playhouse is experiencing a crisis of
performance space.

The State Theater Board - who lease the building
from the City of Elizabethtown - have decided to
double our rent and, additionally, to not renew
our lease on the Plum Alley Theater. The Plum
Alley has served as HCP's home for the last
decade. This decision was unexpected and its
limited time frame has created a need for us to
reach out to our supporters for help!

UPDATE (December 15, 2015): At the
urging of the city, the State Theater board
voted to extend our lease through August
31st, 2017 and to cap our rent at a far more
reasonable rate. Thank you to all who made
their voices known and stood strong in
support of the Playhouse.

We are still moving forward with the
project of finding a new space and
renovating it for a quality experience for
our patrons. And we can still use your help
over the next many months as we raise
money and build excitement for a new
chapter in HCP's history.

There are several ways in which you can help
preserve the Playhouse.

You can read the News Enterprise article.

You can contact your local city representatives. It
is important to let our city leaders know that you
support the Playhouse and believe in the good
that we bring to our community.

You can help fund our change of space by
contributing to our new GoFundMe campaign.

You can spread the word via social media by
visiting our Facebook page and sharing

Anything you can do to help HCP is greatly
appreciated. Our community is all of us. And our
Playhouse is YOUR community theater.
Visit our GoFundMe campaign page.
Your contribution is so appreciated.
Every bit helps!!

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Read the News Enterprise article
from October 18, 2015.

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UPDATE (December 2015):
Go Fund Me HCP Campaign
State Theater to End Lease with Playhouse
Let your voice be heard.
them know you support HCP.

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Elizabethtown City Council
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