HCP Youth
The HCP Youth Dramatics program is a relatively new program to Hardin County Playhouse entering its 3rd year during our 48th season.  
HCP Youth Dramatics is sponsored by Sarah Ryan Dakin (actor, musician, and director) and Ron Blair (actor, director, and writer) to assist
students from grades 6-12 in Hardin, Meade, Larue, Nelson, and other neighboring counties in learning about aspects of theatre from acting
to directing to costuming to managing a theater and much, much more.  HCP Youth Dramatics meets on Tuesdays according to a monthly
schedule on the participation form at Hardin County Playhouse from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.  During their first two years, participants in the
program have learned from a variety of guest speakers including: Chris Shaw, playwright; Kay Wright Mau, costumer; Claire Allen, Kerrie
Lewis, and Doug Kolpak, roundtable discussion about Board of Directors funtions; Sherry Barnard, dance; Danna Pearsall, yoga for
centering/relaxation; and Rick Marshall, cinematographer for Outdoors Channel and History Channel.  The students have also done a poetry
showcase for the community and had the opportunity to sharpen their skills via workshops.  Participants in HCP Youth Dramatics have put
their newly learned skills to use at HCP, Youth Theater of Hardin County, productions at their schools, and auditioning for Governor's School
for the Arts.  To join as a new member for the 2017-18 year, please complete the participation form and return to HCP!
HCP Youth Dramatics Participation Form