General Audition Info:

Auditions are held at the Plum Alley Theater located in the Historic State Theater complex at 6:30 pm on the dates listed below.

Those auditioning do not need to prepare any material in advance, but it helps your audition to be familiar with the show.  Don't know the show? Lots of informations may be
found online via YouTube and Wikipedia.  Many scripts are also available to peruse online.

If auditioning for a musical you will be asked to sing a brief selection from the show that will be provided.  Many musical soundtracks are available on YouTube and Spotify.
There may also be a short dance combo for some musical auditions.  Please dress with this in mind.

At the audition for a play or musical you will read from the script with other actors who are auditioning.  
April 16 and 17
6:30 p.m.