Guest Director
Sarah Ryan Dakin
Sarah Ryan Dakin founded the Central Hardin
High School Drama Club in 2008, and has
directed 16 productions for the program,
among them challenging titles such as
It On
, Welcome to the Monkey House, and Of
Mice and Men
.  She has performed locally on
the HCP stage and in HCS PAC ProAm
productions, with
The  Laramie Project, One
Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
, Peer Gynt, and
Cabaret among her favorite experiences.
Dakin co-sponsors HCP Youth Dramatics, a
monthly educational program for middle and
high schoolers interested in theater.

She has taught in public high schools for 15
years, currently specializing in literacy and
autism. Dakin holds degrees from The
Catholic University of America, Peabody
College of Vanderbilt University, and the
University of Louisville.  She is an alum of
GSA, GSP, and Teach for America. Dakin loves
spending time this summer with her nearly
two year old daughter.